Youth Gathering

It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood…
April 21, 2019
James, Joyce, and John
April 25, 2019

Since school was out we decided to have a gathering for the youth. It was filled with a lot of energy filled dramas, dances and sharing. They arrived in the morning, while James and Gilbert continued working on our kitchen for our meetings on Windy Hill.

Meanwhile, our beloved ‘kitchen staff’ cooked, behind our shed, for all the youth. David is becoming quite the chef now that Cynthia has taken him under her culinary wing. As usual, the Miti Mingi church ladies assisted.

We love our young people and are struggling to meet their ever-growing needs to be discipled. Yet, our heavenly Father is beginning to break through to many of them. Justus and Angelina are working with them and are making good progress. Justus takes the boys of Barute and Miti Mingi churches to practice and play soccer once a week. Then he does disciples them.

Pray for us to make even more inroads to these precious young people. There is a hunger in them for spiritual reality and truth, but they struggle daily with resisting the influx of the growing cultural debauchery.

Blessings on all those who support and pray for this ministry to the people of Kenya.