Youth Camp 2017!

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December 3, 2017
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January 4, 2018


Youth Camp 2017

The third day of our  2017 Youth Camp, went extremely well. The focus of this year’s ‘Ingathering Celebration was on the youth. Of course… there will always be problems with getting all this vibrant energy together, but we have found those problems to be the same the world over and can be overcome with a lot of love and patience. Being with these young balls of fire, is delightful.

There was a lot of teaching and discussion, with many questions, on practical discipleship being asked.

Many were taking notes and asking our teachers some very challenging questions.

At the end of the sessions, they expressed their gratitude for all that was being taught and pledged to become better disciples of Christ.

Then our beloved Maki, a professional dance teacher, took over and began to teach the youth how to praise the Lord through contemporary dance.

Maki, is the daughter of some dear missionary friends of ours from South Africa.

Slowly, Maki explained the difference between worship and praise and how they could express themselves to God, through dance. It was awesome. This video show’s what they learned.

Afterwards, we took pictures of young people from each individual church and the various groups of young people.

There were many who could not attend, due to the distance they would have had to travel to Nakuru… but at least 6 of our 15 churches were represented.

Those who were privileged to be there, were able to hike up an extinct volcano, play soccer, volley ball and watch movies at night. Our thanks to all the youth leaders who did such an excellent job putting this Camp together.

We also want to give a special thanks, to our ‘Ngasura StoneHouse Mama Margret’, who gave StoneHouse the land to build the Ngasura meeting place. Recently, Margret broke her leg and is now recovering from a severe multiple break. Please pray for her to be completely healed, as she is a very active member of our StoneHouse family here in Nakuru and a wonderful sister.


Thanks to all of our supporters and partners who helped make this happen.

This special time together helped make their Christmas a memorable one. 

Blessings from Africa … StoneHouse