Young and Old Enter the Life of Christ

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September 14, 2020
Heavenly Transactions
September 28, 2020

More and more we are understanding why the early church called baptism the … ‘waters of Life’. Yesterday we witnessed three Kenyans be immersed into the Life of Jesus Christ. The utter joy of their emergence into this Life was shared with their family of Christ in Barut.

The celebration began with their fellow disciples sharing their experiences with the powerful changes of heart and lifestyle that had come after their baptism and their joy could not be contained.

The baptism began with a 95 year old widow confessing her new King. She had a difficult time entering the pool because of her age and had confessed she wanted for the water to be cold and cold it was. I am telling you the truth, that when she came up she looked younger.

Then her son was baptized. He too, outwardly expressed the joy that inwardly … he knew had come.

Next was a young widow with 3 children who had become part of the Barut family of God. She laughed and laughed with happiness we all shared.

After the baptism there was a meal together with more sharing, laughing and praising God. Who could believe that life together could be so full of joy.

Please pray for us as we gather 40 or so leaders this Saturday to discuss how to establish, maintain and expand the growing Kingdom being revealed through small intimate groups of gathered disciples.