Winnie – Update

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July 23, 2016
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July 26, 2016

We’ve been watching this little girl, Winnie Adiahambo, in our church for 2 years. She can’t walk and has scoliosis. The doctors at the government hospital haven’t helped her much at all. We really love this child and her mother is so faithful and carries her everywhere she goes. We had visions of her begging on the streets in the future.


After some research we found the Cure Orthopedic Clinic and Hospital in Kijabe. ( We took her there this past week and found out she actually has Cerebral Palsy! That was a surprise even to her mother. They never told her at the government hospital. The scoliosis is secondary to the CP. After a thorough and somewhat painful examination by the doctor, he sent us to the Orthopedic workshop where they make braces. The technician said she was in the wrong kind of back brace and measured her for a new one.

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He also recommended surgery to loosen tendons behind her knees and ankles so she can be fitted for leg braces. She’s growing bigger, she’s 6 years old now, and hard to carry so she needs to get a wheel chair. She’ll need physical therapy and a lot of care. The Kijabe clinic is 2 hours away, one way, from Nakuru and travel expenses will be needed as well. We went back a week later for follow up and have more definite information about costs and treatment plan.

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We had a great follow up visit to the Cure Orthopedic Clinic with Winnie! She got her new back brace and is sitting tall for the first time in her life. We found out during the evaluation and Xray that she’s been getting the wrong physical therapy for the past two years. Now she’ll be getting up to date Physical Therapy 3 times a week to strengthen her muscles. Mom and Winnie will travel by Matatu (public transport van) 2 hours to Kijabi Cure Clinic and 2 hours back to Nakuru, three times a week for the PT.

The first picture shows Winnie with the wrong size and type of back brace. Then you will see her putting on the new brace ands sitting up tall!

Please pray for Winnie. To help us help Winnie, you can provide encouragement and financial assistance is you can at