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July 13, 2016
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July 18, 2016
Winnie at the hospital for examination

Winnie at the hospital for examination.

Yesterday, we took a trip to Kijabi Hospital that has a Cure clinic – – helping kids and adults with orthopedic problems, which is about an hour away from Nairobi. The purpose of our trip was bringing our precious little ‘Winnie’ to a qualified physician who could possibly tell us how to help her.

Winnie and her mom

Winnie is six years old and has never walked a day in her life. Her devoted mother Lilian has carries her everywhere she needs or wants to go. Every Sunday, at StoneHouse Nakuru Church, Lilian brings Winnie for fellowship where she can be loved on by our church family.

CP exam

Cynthia, who had many unanswered questions by the local physicians in Nakuru and highly suspected that something else was at work. She was right. Winnie has scoliosis but that is not the primary cause of her disability. It turns our that she has Cerebral Palsy causing muscle weakness and leading to the curvature of the spine. Doctors at the government hospital never told the parents that she had C.P.


After a thorough and somewhat painful examination by the doctor, he sent us to the Orthopedic workshop where they make braces. The technician said she was in the wrong kind of back brace and measured her for a new one. He also recommended surgery to loosen tendons behind her knees and ankles so she can be fitted for leg braces.

Winnies Smile

We’re glad for the hope we were given. We know this will be a long road for Winnie but our desire is to keep her from becoming a beggar on the street.

Please pray for Winnie. To help us help Winnie, you can click on the donate button by following this link or go to the donate button at the top right of the page and click.