What is Our Father Doing?

An Incredibly Encouraging and Challenging Week
June 9, 2020
A Very Sad Day
June 19, 2020

There is so much happening now, we can’t keep up with what our Father is doing. Doors to make disciples are opening at such a rate, we hardly know which one to go through. Here is a very short account of why we are so excited. Surely this must be what a revival feels like!

Two of our overseers have come and proclaimed that they finally now understand what we have been teaching for over three years. People who fought against our emphasis on the revelation of the church and making disciples are now requesting that we come and disciple them. Yesterday we were invited to a huge market place to disciple the shop owners. Over twenty of them asked for us to come back at least once a week to train them in the teachings of the scriptures.

Such topics as ‘church in the home’, dIsciples training disciples, member’s ministries, becoming meat-eaters instead of milk drinkers, following the Holy Spirit in church gatherings instead of men, learning and doing instead of just redundant sitting and listening, and how to cultivate a deep and personal relationship with Jesus.

Our discipleship here on ‘Windy Hill Christian Community is exploding and not just among the adults. Even the youth and the children are beginning to develop a heart to serve. Some examples would include:

A fourteen-year-old young man, Chege, is excited to bring all the teenagers together in his church and teach them the joy of ministry.

Beatrice Nyaga (Jame’s wife) assisting an abandoned elderly widow woman with cleaning and repairing her home.

Robert and Njeroge making multiple trips to feed and bring water to people who lost their homes and farms to the flooding and now living in IDP camps (Internally Displace People). Our children ministering to their children and sharing their faith everywhere.

After hearing about an elderly man becoming helpless because of a stroke, the team visited him and led him to Christ, witnessing an almost instant change in his countenance. When they found out his wife had left him alone, they began making plans to visit her as well.

People in our Njoro church have agreed to call each other at three a.m. to pray for people.

These are just a few things happening, and all this just in the past two weeks.

Our ‘discipleship training’ here on the hill has become incredible. The discussions and testimonies last for over an hour and a half. We have been in the book of Acts and although there is little time for expository teaching, the shouts of … Wow! the things in this book are happening with us!… are amazing and so encouraging to witness. All glory and praise go to our fearless leader and King!

Thanks for the prayers and support … StoneHouse