Urgent Need in Kamagu

2020 Update April-September Part 2
October 19, 2020
A Gift From Our Father
October 31, 2020

I’m writing about an urgent need that has arisen in purchasing the land in Kamagut we have been investing in for the the church there. We have been struggling with a lot of governmental red tape (and corruption) concerning this land for three years now. That coupled with unfaithfulness in the ministry and dishonesty.

We have finally gotten everything in order to complete this project with the exception of this final thing. We need six hundred dollars to finalize and get the title. Four hundred to pay back tax payments and two hundred to fence it in (a legal requirement). This piece of property is zoned commercial and is situated on a major highway with two other sides having existing rural roads. We have already paid three thousand dollars but now it is worth five thousand dollars.

Our plans are to use it for the churches in that area and put a business on it. (like Roberts block business) The price will double when they complete the highway. As I said it has taken three years of trouble to finally get it. We need the $600 to finalize the transaction. To donate click on this link stonehouseministries.org/donate/.

So my brothers and sisters, please, if you can, help us raise the funds so we don’t run into any more interference. Please respond ASAP. Many people are now trying to get their hands on this property.

May God bless you in your giving and prosper you in His love.