URGENT MESSAGE from StoneHouse Ministries L.E.A.R.N. Program:

Aminifu na Kweli
February 4, 2013
February 19, 2013

February 15, 2013
Yesterday I was approached by a 17 year old young man with a plea in his heart. I was at the land where we are building a new home for StoneHouse Fellowship Church to meet. This young man had been working hard in the blazing, equatorial sun, all week long to clear the land and make ready for a tent to go up so we will have a temporary place to meet. I was wondering why he wasn’t in school. I found out why. He doesn’t have enough money for school fees. This is his last year in school and the deadline to enter is only 2 days away. Without school fees, no school. He will have to wait until next year to try again to enter school. A year is a long time and he will lose momentum so that even if he’s able to start next year it will be difficult to catch up.

This is Abram working on the land.

This story is repeated over and over again here in Nakuru. I now know of at least 10 kids in this situation. They work hard in school and know the value of a good education. There are more children kicked out of school in Kenya than there are drop outs in America. This is not their choice.

Nellie wants to finish school this year.

We need your help. This is urgent. Monday, February 18th is the deadline. They will stand in long lines to pay their school fees so please donate today so we can have time to get the funds to these young people.

You can make a difference with a onetime donation or you can become a sponsor. No amount is too small. We are grateful for any amount and your prayers are more than appreciated.
If you can help please donate online from our blogsite:
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Thank you for considering this urgent request.