U.S. Journey Part 3… Coming Home with Mom.

U. S. Journey Part 2
October 22, 2022
Mom and the Body of Christ
November 14, 2022

To all our family and friends… We have finally arrived back home in Kenya. The journey there and back was amazing. The entire trip was filled with boundless grace and mercy. This was perhaps the best visit ever with family and friends.

As we returned to North Carolina to Dean and Yiskah’s home, a little someone was delighted! Daniel (Yiskah’s 4-month-old) celebrated our return. Through the last two weeks, we had a wonderful time together doing family things and watching the leaves change. Before we knew it, it was time to board the plane to our home in Kenya Africa.

The trip back to Kenya with our mom was rough and difficult, to say the least, but was filled with His ever-present grace, guidance, and comfort … without which, we would have not made it. Before we left Cynthia fell down some steps and injured her foot. Coming home we looked like we had been in a war but even yet, grace abounded.

When we arrived at the airport we were met by our beloved NJeroge and his daughter Anna who is 22. Anna has volunteered to help with mom and even took a college course in how to help. My Kenyan brothers and sisters had been praying that when Anna and my mom met they would instantly bond … and our Father answered that in such an amazing way. The moment they met that bond took place and is going on since. We now see we could not have done this without her.

Our 97 year old mother struggles with severe dementia and hardly knew who we were, where or why she was where she was. Fear, depression and bewildering terror and overwhelming confusion was attacking her every minute, yet we knew it wasn’t her fault. It is somewhat better now that we are home but not much. Pray for her and us.

We are blessed with the favor of our King and that is all we need. We also are so blessed by everyone who interceded for us during this time … bless and thanks to all of you.

Much love from Cynthia and David