U. S. Journey … Part 1 Grandma’s Here!

Mom’s New Room in Africa
September 17, 2022
U. S. Journey Part 2
October 22, 2022

Well, we finally made it to the U.S. of A. . Thanks for all the prayers that brought us safely here with all our luggage intact. It was somewhat of an exhausting journey but so worth it. In the midst of so much preparation for the trip, everything seemed to come together at the last minute enabling us to begin our journey.

From Nakuru to Nairobi, then from Nairobi to Frankfurt Germany, then from Frankfurt to Washington D.C., then on to Raleigh North Carolina, and finally to Yiskah’s and Dean’s house. Whew! … we aren’t getting any younger.

Before we left WindyHill all I heard from Cynthia was … “I just want … no need to hold that baby!”. That baby is the newest addition to the Tracy family … three-month-old Daniel. What a sweetie! And hold him she has … not sure he ever left her arms during the entire week and a half we’ve been here. I did get to hold him once or twice.

Our plans were to spend a week here and then fly to Florida for a week, but then came the hurricane. Most everyplace we had planned on visiting in Florida was and is … under water or being repaired. We and they (in Florida) are disappointed but there’s always next year. So … Cynthia’s still holding the baby.

It has been a lot of fun being at the children’s church play, cuddling their Golden Retriever’s (Wendy)s’ ten Golden Retriever puppies, playing with the rabbits and their little inside doggies Addie and my favorite, the little black one called Junie. We especially liked discussing with their two oldest (Levi 13 and Leandra 15) tons of questions about the scriptures. They are very interested in learning … not just what they say but … what mean.

The next post will (hopefully) be from Alabama and our family there. Stay Tuned.