Thompson Falls

Remembering Mark
July 5, 2022
Heaven’s Family Micro-Loan Ministry
July 30, 2022

What a month! The last 3 to 4 weeks have been quite an adventure. It seems as though every day has been filled with challenges and victories. I won’t go into details of those challenges, fearing family and friends becoming worried or overly concerned. Yet, the victories made the challenges all worthwhile. More on those victories in the next post.

Sometimes the only way for us to get some rest is to get away from home for a couple of days. We chose to visit … Thomas Falls . The falls are about a two-hour drive from Windy Hill and well worth the trip. The cottage we stayed in was built in 1930, and the electrical fixtures, bathtub, etc., are the originals. It was the perfect place to chill with a small fireplace, beautiful grounds, and a quaint restaurant (featuring great food). The first day we did just that … chill.

On the second day, we traversed the very steep steps down to the bottom of the falls. There seemed to be thousands of them. Then there are the boulders you have to climb over. When we told the employees we were going they all looked at us like we were crazy. They said old folks don’t do that. As we descended we began to understand why. After completing the assent we fully understood why.

First of all Thompson Falls is about one thousand eight hundred feet higher than Nakuru meaning less oxygen. It takes about twenty minutes to complete the descent and thirty-five minutes to get back up and demands resting about every twenty steps. But with the help of our guide, we made it. It took three days for the pain in our legs to subside and we are still a little stiff. What were we thinking? Not bad for a seventy-year-old woman and a seventy-five-year-old man.

All in all, we had a great time and returned home rested … albeit a little sore.

David and Cynthia