This is part two of our Kitali ASA conference…

Part 1 African Shepherds Alliance (ASA) conference
August 14, 2013
ASA Conference Nairobi
August 20, 2013

No matter where we turned, the children were always watching, listening and wanting to be acknowledged. If you smiled at them it was as if you had handed them a candy treat. Here are some of those smiling faces….


Finally we came to the end of our teaching. We had prepared certificates for all who had been present for the two days we had taught.

They were so grateful … and so were we.

Then came the time for our final words of encouragement and the challenge to examine all things and only hold to what is clearly revealed in the Scriptures. To which they shouted… Amen!

 That’s when everyone began to sing, dance and bringing out their ‘love gifts’. It was incredible!


 There were bananas, vegetables, bracelets, necklaces, gourds, and even a goat. What a celebration!

It had been two days full of grace.

At last we each stood before them and said our goodbyes.

Everyone followed us out to the van to say farewell as we loaded the van up with our gifts and presents including the goat that ate the bananas on the way back to Nakuru.

As we climbed into the van we were exhausted as you can see on James’s face… but we were all filled with much joy.

It was so wonderful to see Aggrey so happy that his mother, who Christ had healed the previous day, was up and smiling.

We waved goodbye to our new friends, thanked God for His amazing grace and started our six hour journey back home to Nakuru.
After a few miles we stopped the van to look back where we had been …this is what we saw…
The Light had broke through the dark clouds and it was as if the heavens were proclaiming that ….’a people who walk in great darkness have seen a great light’ and our Father in heaven was saying…. “Amen!”