The Waters of Life

Part III … The Marvelous Massai
December 10, 2014
Ingathering !!
January 9, 2015
A while back, one of my best friends who is somewhat of an expert on early church history, told me that the early church called the waters of baptism … ‘The Waters of Life’.
For almost a year and a half we at StoneHouse have been looking for a place to baptize our disciples. There is nothing in the Nakuru area that is suitable for baptisms. We have used a swimming pool in the past but that was never our first choice. We wanted rushing waters surrounded by our Father’s beautiful creation. Last weekend … our Father showed us where it was. This is the story.
Last week we decided to visit our newest church family in the rural community of Kamwaura. They were waiting for us with open arms. Our time together was so wonderful… as usual. They are so poor in the things of this world, but rich in the ways of the Kingdom. I asked the responsible brother there if he knew where we could baptize people. He smiled and said that after the Gathering he would take us to a place he thought we would love… and he was so right.
After a short, ten minute walk or a two minute drive from his house we came upon this little valley.
At the bottom of the valley, nestled among some huge trees, lay the prettiest little river I think I’ve ever seen.
There were people washing their clothes.
The water was clean, fast moving and very cold.
Sara, my little Kenyan granddaughter loved it.
Right before the little rapids there was this little pool that was so beautiful.
One of the little boys volunteered to show us how deep the little pool was.
It was absolutely perfect for baptisms.
After a few more pictures, we headed back up the hill and began planning to bring all our churches together the first of the new year for baptisms. God is so good.
After we said our goodbyes to our family in Kamwaura, we drove home rejoicing at the thought of returning to what will now be for us … the  ‘Waters of Life’.
Much love from  the StoneHouse Family…living the Life in East Africa.