The Three Musketeers

Ponda Mali Fellowship
August 1, 2020
Discipleship Training Center (DTC)
August 9, 2020

We are so proud of our ‘Three Musketeers’. Last Saturday morning, this ‘all for one and one for all’ team continued their evangelism of our neighborhood and church kids. Instead of complaining that there is nothing to do they have turned the CV-19 pandemic into an opportunity to advance the Kingdom. To us, these youth are completely awesome teenage disciples.

Stella, Chege, and Ann are the teenage children of Njoroge and Wangue our overseers of the Miti Mingi StoneHouse home churches. This Christian family has been a powerhouse for the Kingdom. Their love of God has been proven to us over and over. They are amazing examples for our other churches to emulate.

When Cynthia and I walked down to our playfield we found happy and grateful children playing their hearts out. Even our little dog joined in the fun.

Please support these young people with prayer, as they learn to fight the good fight and lay down their lives for Jesus.