The StoneHouse Guardians Seminar

May 1, 2014
Solid Rock Christian Community
May 21, 2014
This weekend our youth, called The StoneHouse Guardians, put together a small seminar for themselves. It started on Friday with them choosing speakers from among their peers and then having discussion groups.
We didn’t attend on Friday, but my wife and I did happen by the church meeting place as their gathering was happening. Our purpose in being there was delivering a puppy to our caretaker Wangoe and her two young girls, Ann and Stella. It was fun bringing the pup and decreasing the surplus population of dogs where we live.
We were very encouraged to hear young people talking about what it will mean to follow Christ here in Nakuru.
The next day they invited the Shepherds of StoneHouse to come and speak to them. We arrived late due to normal Kenyan road chaos, but were surprised to find our dear brother Thomas pouring his heart out to listening young people.

What a blessed man this towering Kenyan disciple has become. He spoke on the importance of forgiveness and being sincere with each other and everyone seemed to be taking it in.
Later, I spoke to them about the importance of maintaining their self respect and sense of dignity. That age is so difficult… being no longer children and yet not quite adults. The transition is difficult and it can become so easy to fall prey to doing anything to be accepted.
It is a time of listening to new and strange voices other than those we previously trusted and loved. Social acceptance usually requires conformance to those voices.Earlier that week I had written up a document called ‘A Bill of Rights for Relationships’. It is based on a collection of thoughts from myself and others concerning our God given rights as disciples.
We so want these young people to attain to the freedom, prosperity  and powerful future we believe our Father has destined for them.

The talk was well received and (we were told) inspired good discussions afterward. So having decided it might be of benefit to others we are including our notes from the document. May God bless and protect His young people here in Kenya and throughout the world.

Here are those notes…

The StoneHouse Guardians Bill of Rights for Relationships

You have the God given the right …..
1.     To be in a healthy relationship
2.     To be treated with respect at all times
3.     To be treated as an equal
4.     To be allowed to communicate clearly and honestly
5.     To feel safe in any relationship
6.     To feel comfortable being who you are
7.     To not be taken advantage of physically or emotionally.
8.     To have friends and activities outside of the relationship
9.     To set your own limits and values                                                            
      To seek help from friends, family and trusted adults at anytime.

Do not give up or let anyone take these God given rights from you. The moment you do the relationship will begin to take an unhealthy turn. Let not fear of rejection, or desire for position enslave you.
Hold on to your Rights. Do not give them up or let them be taken from you, on peril of your relationship turning bad and or becoming abusive.

Your sent ones in Kenya…  Dave and Cynthia