The Gumboot God

November 4, 2019
A Glorious Day
December 8, 2019

Here is an admonishment from Wangue…

Recently, at a morning disciple training session, one of our members… declared rather passionately … God is not a gum-boot! We had been talking about part-time Christians and their duplicity. She then explained that when it rains, Kenyans pull out from under the bed our gumboots. Then when it stops raining… back under the bed, they go. How sad it is that so many Christians only fellowship with God when they need something. What a picture.

So much of the time we use God like gum-boots. He is neatly tucked away in our religious appearance and traditions, under the bed. Till… it rains … then we pull Him out and put Him on so we don’t get muddy. Yet, when the rain (trouble) stops so does our need for God. How very, very tragic.

God is not a gum-boot! Jesus dying on a cruel cross wasn’t just for times of our troubles. He came to give us a living relationship and constant fellowship. Ask yourself … is God my gumboot?