The Glorious Wedding

Amazing Days
December 17, 2019
December 24, 2019

After visiting the beautiful Lake Baringo, we drove back to Windy Hill and began preparation for the next three days. The first day would be the youth camp, second the ‘Ingathering’ and finally the wedding we have all so looked forward to. This post’s pictures are of the glorious wedding between two of our favorite disciples Njeroge and Wangui.

Having walked in holiness before the church and their God … the day had finally come.

There was a lot of preparation and love to be infused in that day. The night before and the next morning started with coffee (as usual), flower arrangements, and a general idea of what to do.
Njeroge and Wangui’s desire was for their wedding to reflect and reveal the mystery of Christ and His church.

After everyone was seated the bride made her entrance and began waiting for the bridegroom to claim his bride. She was so beautiful. The bride and groom’s clothes were handmade by my beloved bride, Haviylah (Cynthia).

A thrill of excitement came when he entered and covered her head.

The children presented roses to both mom and dad.

The festivities began with the church giving the couple their amen. Then the youth danced to the tune of Hezekiah Walker’s ‘Every Praise’ as everyone broke out in praise.

Blessings and love from family and friends were generously given to them both and the cake was cut. Our dinner was prepared by ladies from several of our churches and overseen by David our cook.

Finally, lots of pictures were taken to preserve this precious day and the new couple took off for a well-deserved honeymoon in Naivasha.

Stay tuned … next post … ‘THE INGATHERING’!