The Eagle’s Nest

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January 10, 2018
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February 25, 2018

The Eagles Nest

Many years ago a personal friend of mine, by the name of Bill Britton, told me of a vision he had, concerning ‘Eagle Saints’. The vision has remained with me for decades and it’s message has become increasingly urgent. Those that have committed to fighting for the Kingdom … need to be trained.

Simply put … our Father is raising up people who will leave the ‘supposed safety’ of an earthly Christianity and ‘soar’ with Him in Heavenly realms. We are looking for those saints here in Kenya…. and we are finding them. Here is the link, to the written form of the vision…

Anyone who has spiritual eyes knows that the ‘barns’.. are collapsing.  

Hence we have begun, by faith …  ‘The Eagles Nest’. The Eagles Nest, when completed, will allow us to bring together disciples to Windy Hill Christian Community (WHCC) and provide them a place for intense training in Heavenly matters. By faith we have begun doing what we can to see this happen. Here are some pictures of our modest beginnings. Built into the side of a cliff… it is a perfect place for an eagles nest.

The first phase of this endeavor, will be the creating of a 40 foot diameter pavilion. It will seat up to 150 people comfortably or 200 Kenyan style.

It will serve as a place for weddings, meetings, conferences, seminars, youth rallies and baptisms. We call the baptism pool … the waters of transformation.

It will also provide a place for visiting missionaries and indigenous teachers to teach. Materials for construction, such as stone, sand and gravel will be supplied from materials found from natural resources at Windy Hill Christian Community.

All we need to add for the stone framework, is cement and labor. As you can see from the pictures… we have already started.

Our ultimate intent is to build a men’s and women’s bunkhouse across from the Pavilion, add a kitchen and bath house to accommodate disciples for extended training. 

 Please pray about your involvement in creating this much needed place of learning. Time is short, the winds of the storm have begun to blow and we want to find and train … The Eagle Saints.

Your gift will continue to give Life to Kenyans for many years to come. Help us … help them.

Much love … StoneHouse