The Church Under the Tree…

Important Message
March 21, 2020
March 30, 2020

Here again, are some pics of our newest church fellowship in Ponda Mali. It largely consists of men who have lost all hope of being considered worth anything by anyone. Most struggles with alcoholism and some don’t even have any place to live.

Yet, we are watching them come alive as we teach them how much they mean to God and His people. They are hungry for the words of God and are beginning to believe that their heavenly Father has not abandoned them and is now calling them into His fellowship.

They have begun to reach out to their friends and the little group is growing. We call it our ‘Church Under The Tree’ for obvious reasons. They are very attentive and ask very good questions. They always ask us to return and to come all the earlier that they might hear more teaching.

Last Sunday we took each man two gallons of water and a bar of soap, enabling them to practice good hygiene in defense of the Virus. Anything we do for them is received with much gratitude. Pray for this fledgling church to grow and that we are able to continue speaking the glad tidings of Kingdom love.