The Choo!!

May 19, 2013
End of May Update
May 29, 2013

The Choo!!

No one could possibly understand the incredible importance of a functioning bathroom in Kenya. We have had people leave our Sunday Gathering because of the lack of a choo, (bathroom). Here is a small pictorial progression of the construction our wonderful choo. From the digging of the hole to the finishing of the little rooms, thank God we are almost finished!


First the hole must be dug. Deep and wide! Here are our boys struggling to make 18 feet.

This is James the awesome working pastor who is putting the rock and concrete on the edge of the 18 foot hole so people will not fall through the hole and drown in the excrement of our church members.

Next is the frame work that will allow all the privacy one must have when doing their business in the choo. Then comes the iron sheets for easy cleaning for people who miss the mark.

Then comes the roof with the light panels for illumination to help with hitting the mark .

Isn’t it beautiful? It has to be the most beautiful choo in all Nakuru!

Now for the doors of privacy. One stall for the ladies, one stall for the men and one stall for the muzungus who need an English toilet!

We are almost finished just need the doors… woo hoo! … keep praying!