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May 14, 2013
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May 24, 2013

                                                           The Vial of Gold

                          (A completely true story that happened to us only a week ago.)

 There are fairytales and wonders happening all around us if we only had eyes to see them. Life can be a Spirit filled adventure most everyday if we follow the Spirit of Heaven. Here is a recent adventure, told in fairytale form… but remember… every word actually happened.

                                                       The Treasure 

Once upon a time and a very short while ago… there lived an old man and his beloved wife in a beautiful and distant country far, far away from the land of their birth. This old man and his wife loved the Spirit of Heaven and were continually serving Him both night and day.

The old man and his wife had been sent by other Shining Ones in the land of their birth to the Beautiful Country to help it’s people come to know the Spirit of Heaven. 

 One day the Spirit of Heaven told the old man that He had hidden a treasure in a field and the old man and his wife were to go and find it.

As soon as they arrived they began looking for the treasure while teaching the people of the Beautiful Country the love of the Spirit of Heaven and the beauty of His Kingdom.

Now the old man and his wife were not rich in the things of this present world but they loved and trusted the Spirit of Heaven, and so much so, that they considered themselves to be rich in most every way.

Whenever any of the people fell sick, the old man’s beloved wife would heal them, for she was very wise in knowing where the Spirit of Heaven hid His healing grace among the plants of the earth.

The Spirit of Heaven loved the old man and his wife and always took pleasure in providing their needs… sometimes even before they had a chance to ask.

As the old man and his beloved wife searched for those who the Spirit of Heaven had made ready to hear His message they first encountered many who were unworthy. The unworthy ones treated them badly and despitefully used the old man till he became most discouraged. Yet, the old man and his beloved wife continued speaking to anyone who would listen. 

Some years later the Spirit of heaven began to open the hearts of men and women to hear their message. These precious people upon receiving the message surrendered their lives to follow the Spirit of Heaven with the old man and his beloved wife.

There was then much rejoicing… both in Heaven, in the Beautiful Country and in the land of their birth.

At last the old man and his beloved wife felt they had discovered the true treasure buried in the field. 

The people were the field and the Spirit of Heaven inside them was the treasure. And so the old man and his beoved wife sold all they had to purchase the field.
So they took up the task of building a house for the people of the Beautiful Country to come and learn about the Spirit of Heaven and His wonderful Kingdom.
The Spirit of Heaven smiled as the old man and the believing men and women discovered the place to build the house of meeting. Immediately they began to work.

Soon the old man, his beloved wife and all the believing men and women&nb
sp;began to clearing the land and began building the Spirit’s house of meeting.

 As they began their labor of love, their hearts began to overflow with joy and thanksgiving. For they could feel the pleasure coming from the Spirit of Heaven as He bound their hearts together with His.

                                                 The Vial of Gold

One hot summer day, sometime after finishing the roof, the old man and his best friend were sitting in it’s shade asking the Spirit of Heaven to send a little more money to continue working on the meeting house. They knew the Spirit of Heaven would… because the Spirit delighted in sending them whatever it was they needed.

Suddenly, when they finished praying… stumbling through the beautiful gate in the wall surrounding the unfinished meeting place, appeared three wild and drunken savages!

The first spoke with a slurred tongue and said; ‘We… have …shhomething …you want’! Slowly, the second pulled out of his tattered coat a small clear glass vial filled with grains of pure gold! The third said… ‘How much will you give us… twenty, thirty or forty dollars?

Now the old man and his friend knew the vial contained real gold and was worth much, much more than what the three savages were asking for it. Perhaps even enough to finish the meeting place! At first they thought that the gold might be the answer to their prayer!

But after listening to the savages a little longer the old man and his friend began to feel displeasure from the Spirit of Heaven. How could three drunk savages have come upon the gold without stealing it the old man wondered? Who did it really belong to?

When the old man asked the three savages where the gold came from … the savages refused to answer. Then old man and his friend knew this gold was not the answer to their prayers.

So the old man politely thanked the savages and said they would not be buying the gold. The three savages grumbled while staggering  away, almost stumbling into the ditch outside the wall.

As they walked away the old man smiled and said… ‘it is very much better to please the Spirit of Heaven than to have gold!’ Then the the old man and his friend felt again the pleasure of the Spirit of Heaven once again burning within their hearts.

Five days later the beloved wife of the old man received a message from the Shinning Ones back in the land of their birth. On the very day the savages had offered him the vial of gold the Shining Ones had sent the old man  money to continue building the house of meeting, yet it took five days to appear. 

Hearing the message the old man bowed his head and wept. Then raising his eyes toward heaven He praised the Spirit of Heaven for His faithful love.

When the old man told his friend about the message, the friend just  smiled and said… ‘You’re right, it is much better to please the Spirit of Heaven than to have gold!’

                                                 To be continued…

P. S. Thank you, Shining Ones of Rose Creek Village, for your wonderful gift of faithfulness.   Much love…   from the old man and his beloved wife, his friend and all the believing men and women of the Beautiful Country.
The Beautiful Country…


The old man and his beloved wife…


The old man’s friend…