URGENT MESSAGE from StoneHouse Ministries L.E.A.R.N. Program:
February 16, 2013
StoneHouse … Clearing the Land!
February 26, 2013

A New Beginning!
So much has happened in the past 6 weeks it’s difficult to know where to begin. God has been moving on our behalf, opening doors and windows and showing us the way to go as we endeavor to be built up by His own Hand as a spiritual house made of living stones. 1 Peter 2:4-5


We have known for a few weeks that we needed to find our own place for gathering the people of StoneHouse Fellowship church. The search was exhausting and filled with hopes and disappointments, but in the end, with only twenty four hours before our last time at the present meeting place, we found the perfect lot suited to our needs; perfect because of the location, the price, the landlady, the lay of the land and the good neighbors. God is so good.

Yesterday was our last Sunday gathering at the Kenya Redeemed Church building. Separating ourselves to do a new ministry here in Nakuru was a peaceful and pleasant occasion.

James’ Bishop came with about 10 other people from his church in Nairobi, to ceremoniously release James Nyaga from his covering and responsibilities at Kenya Redeemed Church. He is now free to work with us in StoneHouse Ministries.

Six hours of singing, praying, teaching, preaching, personal testimonies, sharing and extending blessings, ended with anointing various leaders for those remaining with Kenya Redeemed Church. Then we ate together before finally going home. It was hot and dusty in that little 15x 24 tin building, but the fellowship was sweet.

Today men began working to clear our new land and make a place for a temporary meeting tent. This tent will keep us shaded from the sun and protected from the rain until we can build a building. All we need to do is find it and look for God’s provision to buy or rent this tent by Sunday, the 17th. There’s room for growth on this land and we will build according to the provision of the Lord.


Last year we had the privilege of bringing an entire family out of the slums. This wonderful family is helping us as we help them. Our desire is to assist them as they obtain a sustainable lifestyle. Patrick, Christine and their 5 children bring a lot of life and joy to our home and are involved in helping us with the ministries of StoneHouse.

Our hope is to bring more families out of the slums as we start businesses that will create the much needed jobs in Nakuru. This will bring opportunities for families living in the slums of Nakuru to improve their life situations.


Education is a very important aspect of StoneHouse Ministries. January began the school year for children here in Nakuru. This term we have been only able to assist 12 children. Many children will continue in the cycle of poverty without an education. We have many children still waiting for sponsorship and the list is potentially endless. Just eighty dollars three times a year will pay the entire annual school tuition for one child. Our next term begins in April. Please prayerfully consider supporting this ministry.

StoneHouse Ministries has assumed the responsibility and supervision of a school with almost 90 primary students. More than a few have been taken into the classes without paying fees. We want to help this school grow and continue to help educate and feed these precious little lives. We need your help.


This fellowship of women is growing in strength as they learn to work together. Each Saturday we gather at our primary school in small room with short benches and tables to work on. They are presently teaching each other different crafts and working at establishing this business together.
Our challenge has been and still is finding a market for these crafts. So far we have located only one curios shop owner that we have know for over 4 years, who is willing to take the crafts on a consignment basis. His name is Jeremiah and we are grateful to our friend for his willingness to help us.

When we asked him to sell our crafts he was quick to say yes, I will do it. He told us his story, how someone found him on the street and helped him get started with his business. Today he owns a successful curios shop in Nakuru and his desire is to help others in the same way.

We’re also working towards starting a sewing school to help train women and enable them to provide for their families. We would like to start with six sewing machines. To date we have donations for only 2 machines. We will also need tables, chairs, materials, and sewing equipment. Please, also, consider this ministry.


Well, that is what’s been happening with us. We want to express our deep felt gratitude for all our family and friends who have been supporting us with their resources and prayer. As we previously stated we could not do this without their love and concern.

We also want to extend an invitation to all those family and friends to ‘come and see’ what is happening with our ministry in Kenya. We would love for any who could make the trip to come see both the work of StoneHouse and experience the culture of Africa. We live less than ten minutes from the most beautiful game park in Kenya, Lake Nakuru National Park.  You could stay with us in our house or remain in one of the beautiful hotels overlooking Lake Nakuru, just walking distance from our house. It would be the trip of a lifetime.


We are grateful for all the donations we receive. We would not be able to live here in Nakuru without your support, nor would The StoneHouse ministries exist without your giving.

Any donations will be appreciated. No amount is too small. Should your heart ever desire to help us …. Here is how you can do it. 

Please specify a ministry to give your donation to:

·        General fund

·        Church building

·        L.E.A.R.N.

·        Sewing School

·        Other

$80 per term                __________
$240 per school year    __________
Sewing School:
4 machines                                                                                    $75 each _____________
2 Sergers                                                                                       $75 each _____________
6 elec converters                                                                         $20 each _____________
6 tables                                                                                         $30 each _____________
6 chairs                         &
$20 each _____________
Full set up – 1 machine, 1 converter, 1 table and 1 chair.           $145 _________________
1 large cutting table         $50
Also need fabric, scissors, patterns, straight pins, thread, needles etc.  _________

You can send your donations to:

StoneHouse Ministries

999 Lola Whitten Road

Selmer, Tennessee 38375

Or click on the donate button on any of our blogs or website.