StoneHouse Ministries Newsletter Jan – Mar 2020

A wonderful … ‘Good Friday’.
April 11, 2020
April 26, 2020

Blessings to our StoneHouse Family of Friends and Partners in the work of the Kingdom of God here in Kenya! Here is a pictorial update of what we’ve been doing in the first quarter of this year. 

Pictured below are the families currently living in Windy Hill Christian Community. We are blessed beyond measure, being enabled to live our life together. These families are the ‘major players’ in overseeing StoneHouse Ministries International.

Njeroge, Chege, Wangui, Stella, Cynthia, Loreen, Hope, and Ann.
Hellen, Blessing, Robert, Ephraim, and Manassah.
James, Blessed, Beatrice, and Caleb.

Cynthia and I, Njoroge and Wangui, Robert and Hellen, James and Beatrice and all their children, comprise the Windy Hill Disciples, (WHD). We aren’t quite a ‘city on a hill’, but certainly, a visible village placed atop these beautiful hills in Nakuru (Miti Mingi), Kenya. Here are a few of the ministries that have occupied our time…

The first of this year we were blessed with hosting a young lady from Montana for three months. Her name is Waneta and she was (and is) loved by everyone that encountered her. She was a major help with teaching the children, youth and even participating in on our Apostolic trips reaching our far away churches. She helped with delivering a woman from 12-year demonic oppression and stayed with us for 3 months. We are looking forward to her return.

Waneta and Beatrice Bitok in Kamagut

We held several children conferences, teaching them how to stay safe from the CV-19 virus, (the proper way to wash their hands, etc.) how to maintain Godly relationships with each other and to obey their parents.

We held a widow’s full-day conference to teach them their worth, how to survive severe poverty, the power of contributing their ‘widow’s mite’, the importance of their prayers and supplied them with food and medical advice. We partnered with Luke and Jamilia (and their children) of Christian Aid Ministries in supplying their food.

We taught and assisted one of our newest churches in Pangani Kenya with the baptizing of their new members.

Pangani Church Family

We visited our church in Eldoret, Kamagut and their overseers, teaching them the basics of discipleship, scriptural authority, the biblical changes being revealed to us in how we worship, evangelize and minister to the saints. During this time, a woman who suffered terrible demonic oppression of 12 years was completely set free. She is now looking to help begin a church in her home. 

We distributed discipleship materials and bibles to our church in Rigogo Kenya.

We spent almost a week in Namanga, Kenya with our church there that began under a tree. They have begun a second work where our overseer Moses works. They are growing and developing a good understanding of the Scriptures by learning how to do the work of the Lord. (Psalm 111:10)

We traveled the 7 hour trip to Northern Kenya visiting our friends in Samburu Kenya, We taught other churches and our fellowships. Samburu has been struggling with the locust plague among other survival difficulties. Because of the distance, it has been hard knowing how to proceed.

We had an extraordinary time in beautiful Kericho Kenya. We met with all six of our StoneHouse churches in that area and spent two days beginning the work of teaching them concerning what the scripture says concerning worship, evangelism, and ministry. They are very eager to learn. At this time in their lives, they desperately need to be delivered from deceptive and unbiblical teachings. Please pray for the StoneHouse workers (including Cynthia and me) to have the funding and stamina to assist them. 

We met a man Maithoi Maiti who wanted true, biblical church life in the slums of Ponda Mali. He asked us to begin work in front of his apartment under a tree. We agreed to help and this has now grown into a solid 14 man fellowship. This group largely consists of the ultra-poor with drug and alcohol problems. Yet, these men are truly hungry for the things of God. We have assisted them with food, clean water and bars of soap in keeping with the government’s mandates concerning the CVD-19 virus. They literally beg us to come earlier to hear more of the words of God.

We finally began our ‘Water of Life’ project. Finishing the construction of the pump house, this project was furiously fought by our adversary. For more details see ——-. The project was funded by our partners ‘Heaven’s Family Ministry’. Clean, fresh water is scarce in our area. Yet, now we are able to provide close access to free water to our church members and greatly reduced prices to our neighbors. Our neighbors will only spend half what they were paying for ‘not-so-clean’ water. The response on the first day was almost 300 people. Needless to say there was a lot of praising going on that day. 

With the arrival of the shut down of many businesses, due to the Corona Virus pandemic, coupled with the isolation of social distancing many of our members lost the ability to provide food for their families. We began food distribution to our most needy members. All Windy Hill hands were on deck. We have provided food for hundreds of people. 

We completed Robert’s house and addition (well… mostly). He and his family have now fully moved into Windy Hill Christian Community (WHCC). That makes four families living here in WHCC. We get to share a love feast once a month.

We are very excited about our newest project … the Dormitory. We began (by faith) the construction of a 2 story facility to train and teach disciples. The Dormitory will also serve as a place to stay overnight at seminars. It is placed next to the Pavilion and the kitchen and will accommodate 40 students and visitors. The upstairs will be for the sisters and the downstairs for the brothers. Also, there is a 10×10 health room inside the bottom floor for treating health issues. There will be bathrooms and showers on each floor. Please consider helping us with the completion of this project and the furnishings (bunk beds and desks). We are aware this is an ambitious undertaking but we feel strongly that this is our Father’s will.

The beginning…
Where we are presently.

Odds and ends…

Lastly, we are busy making face masks for people, helping Ann enter an online college course through our LEARN Ministry, and generally … having a fruitful good time. None of these things would be possible without God and His people. Asante sana and Mungu awa bariki sana ! (Thank you and may God bless you all.)

Blessings from the StoneHouse Family.