StoneHouse … Clearing the Land!

February 19, 2013
Raising the Roof!
March 20, 2013

The Lord doesn’t guide… where He won’t provide.

But the LORD said to my father David, ‘Whereas it was in your heart to build a temple for My name, you did well that it was in your heart.(1Kings 8:18)

Hallelujah. Bwana Asi Fiwi! (Praise the Lord) Yesu ni Bwana!! (Jesus is Lord)!! He who put it in our hearts to build a house of meeting for the House of God to fellowship in… has begun to provide all we need to fulfill His desire.

If you have read the previous post on this blog you know how our Father provided the land we are now occupying just one day before we needed it. That seems to be how He will provide everything. Our desire now, is to chronicle the wonders of His provision throughout the building of our meeting house.

That last post was written before we had a tent or the money to purchase one… but in faith we said we would have one by the time we needed it. That was only 6 days away. We worked very hard that week to clear the land and make ready for the tent that He would provide us at the end of the week. There would be a lot of clearing, burning, and moving things out of the way that had to be done in a very small amount of time. But working hard together is building the real StoneHouse.

As we strained under the burning equatorial sun to prepare the land for a tent we knew He would provide, we received word that on the day before we needed to turn in the order to have the tent made and delivered by the following Sunday, a brother without knowing anything about our need and living halfway around the world had sent a gift to cover the cost of the tent with enough left over to begin our permanent building.

We had asked a tentmaker for a used tent but he was so moved by our plea that he made a brand new one for half price. We stopped our work and praised God.
The tent was delivered late Saturday night and we put it up early Sunday morning! That Sunday was a Hallelujahday. People were absolutely astounded when we told them what had happened. Every available chair was filled with some people standing but all were praising God.. Who is like our God? To see more photos of us working on clearing the land click here . To see more photos of the gathering click here  .

The next story of building will be a page so when you’re ready, go to the  the top of the post and click where the page that says … StoneHouse… Leveling the Land. That is the next segment on the building of the StoneHouse. Rememer… the building is not the StoneHouse … we are. It has already begun to be an amazing journey.

Your friendly neighborhood missionaries…
 David and Cynthia