Our Gatherings…
July 11, 2013
Part 1 African Shepherds Alliance (ASA) conference
August 14, 2013

We just had our first parent / teacher meeting for StoneHouse Academy. Here are the poems the students presented to their parents. We hope you enjoy watching these video clips. The words to each group’s poems are written below the video.


“Hey Nick. Come take this. This is east weed”. Sniff, sniff! Wow, I like the feeling. A common conversation between two kids. But is it for real? Here’s the drill. Avoid it, it kills, impairs your judgement, creates a false impression about you.

Alcohol is not water, this liquor. Therefore it doesn’t make you better. In fact it will ruin your future. You can drink milk it’s much healthier. Embrace sober advice from your parents and teachers. Make good use of them to the latter.

Cigarette smoking will surely buy you a casket. You will never see your grandchildren. Your lungs will be like a rotten egg. They will be literally saying, “I’m on my bitter end”. Cancer will also be a close friend. Miraa chewing will lead to insomnia. You will never concentrate when the teacher is in darasa. Sleep will be consuming you like fire. Bad friends will also be a common future.

Young men shun away from drugs and alcohol. If you want to have a better tomorrow. If you want to be someone that we can follow. If you want to be a great hero! This is our motto:

Avoid drugs!! Be safe!!


[A ‘jembe’ is a hoe, a ‘panga’ is a machete. These are tools used in the ‘shamba’ which is a farm.]
My mother, my father, give me a jembe and a panga. My jembe and my panga is my book and my pen. Unite with our teachers for my academic excellence.
My teacher, Mr. Evans, I need quality education. But not ‘bora elimu’…
Please sir, Unite with our parents for my academic excellence.

Education is the key. A key to many things. It’s through education that I become a doctor, that I become a pilot, that I become a teacher. Father, Mother, give me education. Education is the key. A key to many things. Thank you.

Oh! How meaningless it is without education. Education for my future. Education to serve others.
Life is meaningless without education. My fellow pupils, let’s aim higher. Let’s aim higher, and make it in life.
Parents, join our teachers, help us fulfill our dreams. God is on our side.         
Thank you.
[Sadly, there’s no video for this one]

POEM 1 – Top class (kindergarten)
I have a little bed just for me. Dad is too big for it. Mummy is too big for it. Puppy is too small for it. It is just for me.
POEM 2 – Top Class
Thank you, God, for giving me eyes to see, ears to hear, nose to smell, mouth to talk, hands to write, legs to walk.


OH DEAR MUM – Pre school
Oh dear mum, for nine months, you have carried me. I was warm and I knew no harm. Thank you, Mama. You are so dear to me.
SONG – Pre-school
Father without you who will care for me? Mother without you who will cook for me?
Thank you Father for your care.
Thank you mother for your love.
Thank you.
Our children at StoneHouse Academy and their parents are happy and doing well. If you enjoyed these video clips please help us make our school better by donating. No amount is too small.
Thank you for taking the time to see our kids.