StoneHouse Academy Health Check!

The Year of the Moves…
June 11, 2014
StoneHouse Academy
August 4, 2014
Sorry… we have been off the grid lately but it has been because of more internet and computer problems. But, we’re up and running again. Praise the Lord!

Last Wednesday our primary school experienced a wonderful blessing. Our dear missionary friends Missy and Al Terry brought a visiting nurse and her assistant from the United States to medically check out our kids. It was great. Peggy and her assistant Raigan spent hours examining our precious children for any and all problems with their health.

First came the examinations…

Peggy and Raigan are special people. They both were filled with sincere compassion and genuine concern for the children. Classroom after classroom they ministered to children.

They instructed some of our teachers what problems to look for.

Then came the treatments… which there were many.

Most were treated for fungal infection on their scalp … everything from lice to bedbugs.
Except our precious little Muslim boy … who we first must ask his grandfather if we can remove his head covering.

Then there were the tongue and throat examinations …

… featuring dramatic demonstrations from Missy and Cynthia on how to properly stick out your tongue. ;-P

All the while our faithful accountant/secretary Lucy recorded all the details for later follow ups.

There were a few small hypochondriacs there… but Beatrice knew exactly who they were.

But all were quickly treated with the proper medicines …

After more instructions and demonstrations on proper hand washing techniques…

Lunch was served.

The following Sunday the whole team came to worship with us in StoneHouse Fellowship Nakuru. We all got a chance to bless them and pray for Peggy and Raigan a safe journey back to the States. 

The StoneHouse Family is so grateful to our fellow missionaries and their volunteers for all the help StoneHouse Academy received that day. Working together is definitely our Father’s heart. May we too,

be there when you need us. Be blessed.

Dave, Cynthia and the StoneHouse Family