Stainless Steel Gratitude

Feeding the Chamus
February 25, 2014
March 18, 2014
It is always such a delight to visit our kids at StoneHouse Academy primary school. They are always so grateful for anything and everything we do for them.

About two weeks ago we were made aware of a potentially dangerous situation with the children’s eating utensils. It was brought to our attention that the plastic cups and plates were disintegrating, leaving a plastic residue in the cups and on the plates.

We feed our children twice a day … hot porridge in the morning and vegetables at lunch… so we knew we needed to do something soon. Not having the resources to replace the plastic utensils right away, we began to pray and let some of our family and friends know about the situation. God and His people are so good. Shortly afterwards our son-n-law and daughter Chris and Renee Riggins sent us a check to cover the entire cost of replacing the plastic with stainless steel.  
So… we brought all the children outside and said we had a big surprise for them.

Then the teachers started passing out the new cups, spoons and dishes to all the kids. Needless to say both teachers and children were very, very happy.

With their new food eating equipment lifted up  … we said … ‘well, what do you say?’ They all jumped up and down and said … ‘YEAAAAA!’  Which roughly translated means… Thank You! 

A special thanks to the Riggins family and all those who every week, help us help the kids. Should the Lord put it on your heart to help us … we have many needs. We are moving our school location and need all the help we can get. Desks, chairs, uniforms, recreational equipment, just click the Donate button and join us. God bless you…
David and Cynthia