Spiritual Parenting Seminar

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May 25, 2016
New Bibles for Stonehouse Academy Children
July 4, 2016

Many thanks to all who stood with us in prayer and those who financially supported our ‘Spiritual Parenting’ conference. The seminar went beyond anything we could have hoped for. There were leaders and representatives from all of our eight churches, parents from StoneHouse Academy, abandoned and widowed ladies from the StoneHouse Sewing School, and various others from surrounding towns.

I don’t think we have ever seen so much enthusiasm and gratitude in any other StoneHouse event. We spent two days examining and discussing the vast treasures of knowledge and wisdom found within the scriptures, concerning the task of raising of godly children in a godless age. We also discussed what we felt Christ is speaking to His people in this present age.

The Spirit of God opened up hearts and minds to the urgency of developing a stewardship over our children. The reception of these teachings was amazing.

One sister, after the first day of teaching, went home and began to put into practice what she had learned. The result was that her children began asking …. “Mama … what happened to you?” Another lady said she wished she had heard these things at the beginning of her family, but would begin to work on her grandchildren. A brother from Eldoret was so touched by the teachings that he donated property for StoneHouse to begin a work there. We were also asked to come and do the same in Mombassa, Kenya’s largest seaport and Uganda. We were totally overwhelmed!

During the breaks in between teachings, our joy overflowed with testimonies, dancing and singing to the Lord. It was like a huge family reunion.

We will detail more about the conference and post more pictures throughout this week. Please continue to pray that our Father will raise up more workers as we seek to advance the Kingdom of God here in East Africa.

Special thanks to the people and ministry of Heavens family who made possible the attendance of widows and single moms! Special thanks to the people of Rose Creek Village and our own StoneHouse Ministries board of directors who work hard supporting this ministry.
Much love and thanks from the StoneHouse family.