Solid Rock Christian Community Kenya

January 27, 2015
February 7, 2015

We are making a lot of progress on Solid Rock Christian Community. We’ve been working very hard almost every day and have accomplished an amazing amount of work, with a surprising small amount of money and in a relative short time. Just to give you a short picture, here is what we have done so far. First of all we have only one and a half more payments to go, till we have completely paid the property off.  

We have cleared the three places to build our houses on.

We’ve obtained hundreds of hand cut stones from our quarry and dug truckloads of sand from our land, for building houses and other structures.

We have almost completely finished the fencing on the lower portion of our land. We hope next week to be completely done with all fencing. When this is completed there is no way onto the land except through the gate…  and speaking of the gate…

We have installed an awesome, eight foot high, custom made, heavy gauge metal gate at the entrance of our driveway to stop the two and four legged traffic from meandering on our property. The cost of the gate … installed … was about two hundred and eighty-five dollars.  It’s really beautiful.

We completed the retaining wall and steps, necessary for leveling the ground my house will be built on. 

We have completed the construction of two huge custom water tanks at either end of the retaining wall, which are capable of holding over two thousand gallons of  water. They are positioned to catch the rain water coming off our main house roof. They also give the place… a bit of a castle look.

If we had bought similar sized black plastic water tanks, which is a must, because water storage is so crucial,  they would have cost about $650 apiece and lasted less than ten years in the baking hot equatorial sun. Our stone tanks will be there a hundred years from now and still keeping our water cool. The tank that James is standing in front of is about the dimensions of our stone tanks.

We hope to start the process of bringing city water to our land next week. We found and struck a deal with a local plumber who will run the pipes and connect us to city water for about $385.00 American dollars.

All of this… and our total expense to date for the labor and materials (including the gate) for all construction work done on the land … is only about $1350.00 American dollars. 
Now if that’s not amazing … I don’t know what is.

In addition to the progress on the land, the work is supplying jobs for two shepherds in our churches and two or more of our young men.

God has preformed some major miracles for us during these projects. We feel we are operating in the blessings of God. No one here can believe what’s happening and all of us are amazed. Our progress would simply be impossible without our Father’s constant intervention.

Part of why we are so excited is, that the local people are seeing God’s hand in Solid Rock’s building process. People have begun to come around and comment on how beautiful things are looking. We have always felt that one of the reasons for us being in that location, is to inspire those around us to honor God in all they do.  

Please pray for us at StoneHouse Ministries International. In two weeks we will be bringing together our fifth church family, in the impoverished area of Keptembwa.  And with one of our major players (my wife) in the United States there is a lot to do. 

James and I talked to the people of Keptembwa today and they are totally excited about beginning a church family where they live. Many of them have been seriously hurt and discouraged by fake churches and false teachers. Please pray for their healing.

Should our Father lead you to come and help us,,, please come! We would love to host you and we need workers of every description. Should He lead you to help financially, know that every dollar you send us, goes directly into the work of the ministry.

May God bless all those who have lovingly and sacrificially stood with us. God is blessing your prayers and faithfulness.

Lastly, we wish to give special thanks to all the people, who have been praying for our daughter Nikki. She is the one on the right and is responding to treatment and everything is looking good. Please continue to pray for her healing and strength for my dear, dear wife.

Much love …  David, Cynthia and the StoneHouse Family of Believers