Sisters Teaching Sisters

November 5, 2018
A New Set of Wheels
February 4, 2019

They spent weeks getting ready…
and when the day finally came, their anticipation had become intense. Sixty to sixty five women gathered together at Windy Hill Christian Center, to further their discipleship training and to celebrate their love for God and each other.

  Some arrived in public vans, some on the back of motorcycles, but all came expecting a Spirit-filled time … and they were not disappointed. They represented seven different StoneHouse local church families.

      Fellowship abounded, as the ladies shared with each other on what was happening in their respective churches. There were stories of miracles, sacrificial love and baptisms. There were also new babies to pass around.


Thirty minutes later, the teaching began. There were five sisters sharing different aspects of what it means to follow Christ and to be His local body. After the last sister taught, the women were divided up into five groups to discuss the five spiritual senses found in the body of Christ.

  Then, they began to minister to the Lord and each other. They sang, danced, washed each others feet and fed each other, the body and blood of Christ. Because I was taking pictures I got to witness this amazing time. There is no way to describe the intimacy I observed.

        After everything was finished, no one wanted to go home. In fact one of the vans that was supposed to take a group of seven home, broke down and didn’t make it back till 9:30 p.m. that night. Cynthia and Dossie fed the remaining sisters pop corn and I drifted off to sleep, listening to the sounds of their laughter and songs.


Blessings from the Windy Hill Disciples