Sewing Center Update

Solid Rock Update
July 9, 2016
July 16, 2016

Updates on StoneHouse Sewing Center


StoneHouse Sewing Center is really taking shape. For two years we have been teaching impoverished widows, single women and even married women, to learn to sew on electric sewing machines. Now we will focus on getting them ready to handle their own business. Cynthia is teaching them how to make complex patterns and create their own line of custom clothing.



The young lady in the last three pictures is Esther. Esther is seventeen and from a very impoverished family and severe disabling circumstances. Esther has a learning disability and was unable to complete her schooling. We and our older students are committed to equipping Esther with a life skills, enabling her to experience an independent adulthood. Teaching people life skills is a major part of our discipleship training in StoneHouse Ministries. 

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 Please pray for us as we enter this new focus for our Sewing Center. Much love from the StoneHouse family.