Secretaries Meeting

Beginning May…
May 7, 2019
Farming God’s Way
May 12, 2019

We had a meeting of the secretaries from our local Nakuru area churches last Saturday. These dear ladies and two gentlemen keep us informed on how things are going in our local church families. They also share ideas and revelations on how to equip the families to take better care of themselves and their fellow church members.

The meeting is a time of comparing notes, working out disagreements and learning from different perspectives. Not everyone is always on the same page, but they are experiencing real church life and the many problems/answers involved in trying to live it. Staying together and ‘speaking the truth in love’ is not easy. Yet this is what is demanded of each true member, in order to ‘maintain the unity of the Spirit’.

Some wonderful stories came out of this meeting. They revealed that the gospel of the Kingdom is indeed penetrating our members and they for the first time in their lives, are seeing the King being King… in His Kingdom.

Blessings from Kenya