School is closing for 2017

Helping the Helpless
October 10, 2017
Beauty For Ashes
November 3, 2017

School is closing for 2017. This is the end of the school year in Kenya. They will reopen in January for the start of the 2018 school year.


Because of the efforts of our SMI sponsors, vulnerable children and orphans are getting an education. Families are being helped and given hope for a brighter future for their children.


We were able to help twelve primary,


five middle school,



and eleven high school students this past year,


One student will graduate high school, class of 2017.


The kids we help are able to attend schools in cities and rural communities throughout Kenya and are members of our StoneHouse Fellowship Churches.


We’re proud of them and to our dedicated sponsors we say, “Thank you!”

Of course there are many more waiting for a sponsor.

Maybe you can join us in this program to equip children and give them a way out of the desperation of slum life.

You can help sponsor a child for a donation of either $300 per year, or $100 three times a year on the donate page. You will get a photo and bio on your child as you become a sponsor.