Ruben’s New Leg

August Report
August 14, 2019
A Walk with Margret
September 3, 2019

Sometimes… the needs we provide for our members… aren’t readily apparent … but that doesn’t mean they not needed. Rueben’s new leg.

When Ruben was two years old he broke his leg which ended up being amputated. As he is a growing boy, his original prosthetic leg became too short. He became desperate for a replacement.

Our Father, through the StoneHouse, has provided him a new leg which is being crafted as you read this post. He also has a golf ball size parotid cyst on his little face that will be surgically removed soon, making him a new little man. Ruben and his mom say thank you.

Blessings to all who made this and other life-changing renewals possible through this ministry. Tuko pamoga (we are together)!