November 28, 2020
Baby Camellia
A Child Has Been Born To Us …
December 14, 2020

About an hours drive from our community on Windy Hill is the small village of Rigogo. To get there you must transverse some very awful roads. There, our StoneHouse church, which is overseen by our brother David and his wife Lucy, gathered last Sunday to celebrate our King and we were privileged to meet with them and worship together.

We were able to bring two of their widows seeds and fertilizer to help them survive the upcoming year. This has been made possible thanks to the love and work of Dossie Briggs and Heavens Family. These precious people are truly learning to take care of one another, which to us, is authentic proof of their discipleship. We love them so much.

David and Lucy have had a rough year. Flooding, the pandemic, and the resulting loss of work has proved to be just some of the challenges they have faced during 2020. The most difficult challenge was when their fifteen year old daughter was kidnapped and sexually abused by an older man.

Yet, weeks later, thanks to the prayers and intervention of our King, she was found and rescued. The perpetrator was apprehended and will be serving fourteen years in jail. She is now at home and recovering from this traumatic experience. Yet, their faith has not waned but rather grown in the midst of all these trials.

These are not uncommon occurrences here among impoverished Kenyans. Incest, abuse, sex trafficking happens all the time. Please pray for them and us as we demonstrate the Life of God amidst so many trials.