Richard and Beth

November 11, 2014
Part I The Marvelous Massai!
November 23, 2014
About a year ago, while having coffee at Java (a local Nakuru barista where the Wazungu hang out), we met a very delightful missionary couple from Canada. Their names are Richard and Beth Kope. Richard is the pastor of Venue Church in Didsbury, AB, Canada. ( [email protected]) They have been traveling to and ministering the love of God to Kenya for over 25 years. We fell in love with them both.
When Richard and Beth returned this year, they brought another delightful couple by the name of Richard and Karen.
Last week Cynthia and I had lunch with these sweet people and they expressed a desire to see what we are doing here in Nakuru. So… we gave them a tour. First stop was StoneHouse Academy, where they were met all the students and staff. They came bearing gifts for the school. It was a wonderful morning and the children were thrilled.
The children insisted on having their picture taken with our guest so we shot this group picture in front of our school sign.
I had given advance notice to our teachers about our visitors coming, so under their benevolent guidance the children performed  presentations for their Wazungu guests.
There were funny songs…
Poem recitals…
Songs with dramatic interpretations…
Recitals about protecting the environment…
And even an intense Karate demonstration!
Later that morning, Pastor Richard told them about his home in Canada and how cold it was. He asked them if they had ever seen snow to which a few said… “Yes, on TV!”
After the goodbyes, the next stop was StoneHouse Sewing Center, where our friends met Margret the sewing school instructor and a few of the students.
Richard even modeled the caps we’re making for our student’s up and coming school graduation program.
Then driving past our apartment and showing them where we are currently live, we headed out to where we are going to live … Solid Rock Christian Community. And yes, that’s the most recent name we have come up with for our farm. After a short hike all four of our visitors were amazed at the potential and beauty of the land our Father is giving us.
Our four Canadian friends are returning to their home next week but will return to Kenya in February. Pray for them a safe trip home … and a safe and quick return to Nakuru. We so enjoyed our fellowship and looking forward to their return.
The StoneHouse Family