Rhonda Market Ministry

Working Together
July 7, 2020
Oh, the joy!
July 25, 2020

Last week was an active and busy week… as most weeks are.

First of all … The Rhonda market place ministry is steadily growing. We started about a little over a month ago and it has grown to fifteen or so faithful learners. Each week we arrive at noon and teach for about 2 hours. They arrive with bibles and notebooks, taking notes to study later.

One lady gave testimony that in the last four weeks her whole life has changed. She says she now knows who she is, what the scriptures are really saying, and what she is supposed to be doing. We were greatly encouraged.

We have now engaged members of our other churches to begin coming to teach and maintain this new ministry.

Secondly … We have completed Mary’s shelves and finished her outside sign. She seems to be making the store work and is very grateful.

Thirdly … In three days we will travel to Eldoret to strengthen and encourage the churches for three days. Njoroge and his wife Wangue will be traveling with us. We are looking forward to the fellowship with the Kamagute overseer Richard and His delightful wife Beatrice. The post of what happened will likely come out in the middle of next week. Please pray for us to have a fruitful and safe visit.

Our work on the dormitory is going quickly. We are working on the inside of the first floor and the second story walls are about one half completed. We all are amazed we have come this far.

Next week we will have five or more people baptized into the life of Christ. Our home churches are flourishing amid the usual problems that accompany establishing the Body of Christ. All in all … everything is good!