Raised in the Newness of Life

Piave Harvest Celebration
February 26, 2021
Conference, Tumaini, Baptisms
March 9, 2021

Sunday was a great day. It began at eight-thirty in the morning, with teaching the fifty-plus young women at Tumiene High School. For two hours they listened attentively. The night before they had written a list of questions to be answered next week.

This is the fourth meeting and already they are growing in spiritual things. This has allowed us to become more personally involved in their lives. Last week we stayed after the teaching and counseled four of these precious young ladies. The stories of their lives would make any of us blush and cry while hearing of all the trials they encountered while growing up.

By His grace and mercy, we witnessed eleven people being raised in the newness of Christ’s Life. The ‘little church under the tree’ has blossomed into two churches and is working on a third. It is impossible to describe the joy we receive, seeing men and women, young and old repenting and surrendering their lives to Christ and His teachings.

The shouts of their brothers and sisters crying ‘Hallelujah’ when they emerged from the waters is so encouraging. Not only to the ones being baptized but to all who were there watching. Glory to Jesus, our Life-giving Spirit who shares His Life with any and all will receives it.

Pray for us in that our trip to America is in two weeks. We are looking forward to being with our children, grandchildren, family, friends, and the opportunity to tell everyone what’s happening here.