Pray for Us…

Mary’s New Store
July 3, 2020
Kamau’s Burial
July 6, 2020

Pray for us in these days of trial. We’ve lost another brother in our ‘church under the tree’ fellowship in Ponda Mali.

Three days ago Kamau went into convulsions, knocking over his ‘cooking pot’ while preparing his food. While passing out in his little wood hut, the house caught fire and burned down taking Kamau’s physical life.

We are in a ferocious fight against the powers of darkness. These attacks are relentless. Kamau has been coming to the Ponda Mali fellowship for almost eight months. We thank God that we watched as Kamau gave his life to Jesus in the last months of that life. We can testify of his desire to follow Christ. Kamau struggled with sicknesses and alcoholism his entire life, but we know Kamau gave his life to Christ.

Tomorrow we will bury his earthly tent in Nakuru, yet, we will praise our King for taking his soul to be with the saints in heaven. Like the ‘good thief’, who, in the last minutes of his earthly life acknowledged who Christ is, Kamau will now spend eternity in paradise with all those who acknowledged Jesus’s Lordship.

Pray, that we would be able to speak to those who come for the burial, that we can speak to them the amazing grace that rescued Kamau’s soul from eternal death.

Blessings from Kenya … StoneHouse