A Very Sad Day
June 19, 2020
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July 3, 2020

As an example of the poverty, ignorance, and corruption we face, almost every week here in Kenya, it is revealed through this tragic story of a young girl attending one of our fellowships in Piave Njoro Kenya. Her parents are not members of our church in Piave and follow one of Kenya’s many spurious churches. She is a member of the Piave fellowship … her parents are decidedly not.

Four months ago, she received a wound in her right foot. The foot became infected and her parents refused to take her to the doctors. Struggling with diabetes, infections can become lethal.

Two weeks ago when our overseer went to check on her, the foot had developed gangrene. We insisted that she go to the hospital for immediate attention, but her parents, who have been taught by their church not to go to doctors, refused.


Eventually, our church members took her to the government hospital where she was treated. Although there was an improvement the doctors recommended amputation, but both the parents and the girl, frightened by the thought of losing her foot, refused the surgery, and went home against medical advice. She went home and was supposed to be getting a better wound treatment by a local, nongovernment clinic doctor. Joshua our overseer of the church in Piavi was told her wounds were healing.

Later some friends visited her and complained of the terrible smell in the house and asked if we could do something. Joshua went again to the house and saw that she was not healing. In fact, the wound had become so bad it looked like the foot would fall off. He called the doctor and threatened to involve the police. The doctor there replied … “Oh she’ll be fine I will come and treat her.” She did not get better. He was more interested in the money for his ‘treatments’ than the girl’s actual life-threatening condition.

After talking to the doctor and her parents we took her back to the government hospital. Half of her foot has almost fallen off and now she will most likely lose her leg and not just her foot. Now they have signed consent for the surgery and her life will be saved.

Pray for us as we confront the false teaching, witchcraft, corruption, and the willful ignorance so prevalent in the rural areas of Kenya. We find the greatest demons we face are in the culture. Yet, it seems America, if not the whole world, is experiencing the same thing. We must never forget … we are in a war. Our battle here in Kenya and America is not against flesh and blood but with the very real powers of darkness working within the cultures of the world.