Ponda Mali Fellowship

From Macharia to Kioni
July 30, 2020
The Three Musketeers
The Three Musketeers
August 7, 2020

Despite the CV-19 pandemic, the Ponda Mali church is numerically and spiritually growing. Once dubbed ‘the church under the tree’, this gathering of men and women are progressing in learning how to spread the good news and following Christ’s example of ministering to each other.

After losing their brother (Kamau) to a house fire, (see Kamau’s Burial in previous post ), they became energized through his funeral as they served in whatever capacity they could. We have never been so proud of these men as we were when we watched them serve that day.

They have doubled their number, as word spreads that here, under the tree, He welcoming the downtrodden and the hopeless into His flock. Yet, they have grasped that the gospel is simply … one beggar telling another beggar … where there is bread.

At least three of them will be baptized this week. We are also very proud of their overseer James Nyaga and his wife Beatrice as they continue to labor for their growth and development.

Pray for these men and women as they continue to find their purpose and life in Christ.