Part III … The Marvelous Massai

Part II … The Marvelous Massai… November 26, 2014
November 28, 2014
The Waters of Life
December 15, 2014
This is the third and final segment of a three part pictorial post, describing our trip to the Massai Mara. The trip consisted of our participation in a graduation ceremony at ‘Threads of Hope’ sewing school. This wonderful facility is run by a good friend of ours Deborah Deren. While we were there, we also spoke to a small local a group of Massai about seeing the Body of Christ formed in them. Here are a few of the six hundred and fifty pictures we took. It was definitely a surreal experience.

The Marvelous Massai Part III
Sunday morning we drove to the center of town and awaited those wanting a ride up the hill, for a Sunday Gathering under a tree.
After about an hour, they appeared and began stuffing themselves into our two little cars.
When we could hold no more, we took off for the hill where Deborah is building her house.
On the way, we were met with kids… the four-legged kind…
And the two-legged kind.
Half way up the hill, we were met by a precious group of adults and their children sitting under a tree.

We all began singing praises to the Lord.

Then we prayed that our heavenly Father would speak to us.
After a brief introduction from Deborah, we began to speak of what the ancient writings had promised them… that they too, could become part of the people of God, the very Body of Christ.
They really seemed to understand what that meant and that we would help them.
But alas… oh, God… the fields are white for harvest… but where are the workers?
When we finished, a delightful friend of Deborah called Joy… put on a puppet show for the kids. Her name Joy is descriptive of her sweet disposition and we could tell that she was clearly a woman of God.
Then the children presented some songs they had prepared for us.

After the Gathering we walked further up the hill to see where Deborah was building her house. What a view!
Another unexpected blessing happened to us. We were given a new motorcycle for our ministry.  This gift will greatly aid our StoneHouse ministers to travel about and teach in our other churches. The next morning we loaded up our motorcycle and headed home.
Even the trip home was wonderful. We witnessed a huge dust devil and a beautiful rainstorm that testified of our Father’s creativity .

We also unfortunately experienced a spark plug blow out, because our mechanic in Nakuru had forgotten to tighten it down. Fifteen miles later, driving at less than 25 mph, we finally found a mechanic who fixed us up and sent us on our way. No wonder the gas mileage was terrible. Still not bad for a 27 year old car. We reached home exhausted but very happy.
Thanks for taking the time to share our journey, Please remember to pray for StoneHouse Ministries, that we would have the strength and resources to do all that our Father has placed before us. Also, please remember to pray for Deborah and the small gathering under the tree.
Much love … the StoneHouse Family.
Why do we do this? Because people who desire to follow Christ, deserve to see why He came to this earth and see what abundant Life really looks like. Living the Life of the Body of Christ is awesome!
Next up… Kenya’s first Ingathering!