Part I The Marvelous Massai!

Richard and Beth
November 13, 2014
Part II … The Marvelous Massai… November 26, 2014
November 28, 2014
This is the first of a three part series describing our trip to the Massai Mara. The trip consisted of our participation in a graduation ceremony at ‘Threads of Hope’ sewing school. This wonderful facility is run by a good friend of ours Deborah Deren. While we were there we also talked to local a group of Massai about forming them into a church. It was definitely a surreal experience.

Part One
Last week we took a journey into another realm. The journey was much like boarding a spaceship and traveling to some distant planet.
The closer we came to our destination, the more other-worldly the landscape became and the more

the land’s inhabitants changed into characters looking like they had just stepped out of the movie … ‘Star Wars’. Both were strikingly beautiful.

There were creatures that could eat from the tops of the trees and  smaller ones looking like a cross between a cow and a horse.

Then, smaller yet, creatures that were herded by shepherds that looked like warriors.

Finally we reached our landing place … ‘Massai Threads of Hope’.

As we disembarked it became evident that a great celebration was underway. Food (twelve goats) were being cooked and people were preparing themselves for celebration.

We were introduced to new friends and rejoiced with some old ones.This is Mr. McCoy and Josephine they are Deb’s helpers at ‘Threads of Hope’.
Mr. McCoy is as disarmingly friendly as any man I have ever met. His face is rarely without his pleasant smile.
This is his friend Simon… another helper at ‘Threads of Hope’. A massive Massai warrior of many talents.

The delightful lady sitting next to my beautiful wife is May-Brith from the land of Norway. She had come the Mara to help her brother on a building project and for the graduation of the sewing school.

Soon the celebration began and all the graduation students took their seats.

Suddenly the wonderful and exotic inhabitants of this land began to arrive. From all over the bush-land and jungle they came. First came the women …

Young and old…

Then came the men…

The assembly grew…

Next … Part Two …. The Muslims arrive and the gospel is preached!