Part 1 African Shepherds Alliance (ASA) conference

July 28, 2013
This is part two of our Kitali ASA conference…
August 17, 2013

This post is part one of a two part pictorial post about our wonderful trip to Kitali, Kenya for our ASA conference. Because of the large number of pictures… this is part one.

James, his wife Beatrice, Thomas, Vincent, Jeroge, his wife Ann, Cynthia and I were up and raring to get started early in the morning. Jeroge (J-rowgee) is a professional Matatoo driver and the only one I know that actually drives like a Christian. We felt very safe with him behind the wheel.

We were all so excited that our Nakuru team was finally headed for our first ASA (African Shepherd’s Alliance) conference with the ‘bush’ pastors of Kitali! The drive was so incredibly beautiful the six hours went by very quickly.

Kitali, Kenya is called the ‘bread basket’ of Kenya and there is nothing but farmland as far as the eye can see. The Christian leaders out in the rural areas are called ‘bush pastors’ because they live out in the boonies.

When we arrived in the evening midst the bustling city of Kitali we had to weave our way through the multitudes of people rushing home. There were hundreds of Matatoos (twelve to fifteen passenger vans) and Piki pikis (motorcycles) busily bringing their customers to their appointed destinations.

We have witnessed an entire family of four being transported on just one piki piki. There were hundreds of people trying to get home from their jobs and school before dark. Notice this particular piki driver was almost sitting on the handlebars to deliver a heavy bag of charcole.

Jeroge drove James, and I with our wives straight to our Wazungu missionary friend’s house, Rita and Louie at Restoration Ministries International and had a wonderful dinner, great fellowship and a good night’s sleep.

We were warned by Louie that the rain had been excessive and that it had rained the entire two days before we arrived, so we might want to be prepared to get wet.

Early next morning we drove through Kitali’s hectic morning traffic and headed out toward the country and the spiritually hungry people of the rural farmland of Kitali. The landscape around Kitali is very beautiful, and the sun would shine for the next two days. Behind these mountains  and hidden by the clouds lie Mt. Elgorn, Kenya’s second highest mountain, and the country of Uganda.

Finally we descended down a beautiful country road to the shamba (Farm) of our host and the small tent that we would be spending the next two days teaching the ‘bush’ pastors.
We immediately began teaching and preaching the message of the abundant corporate life of Christ as revealed in the scriptures and demonstrated by the early church. People were eagerly awaiting the good news that the church was supposed to be the family of God. Some had never ever even heard that the church was to reveal the family of God in their entire Christian life.  
After two and a half hours of teaching it was time for lunch and introductions to our host’s family. Our host, whose name was Aggrey Masika, turned out to be a very gracious and hospitable man.

After meeting his wife and seeing where his children lived Cynthia got a little ‘porch time’ with Aggrey’s wife.

Then Aggrey began the tour of his 3 acre shamba (farm). The tour was both interesting and informative.

Lastly he brought us to his mother. She was very sick with Asthma and you could easily hear her wheezing three feet away. She had suffered a long time and was confined to her bed. Amma instantly felt the need to pray for her healing and so she did. The next day Aggrey’s mother’s lungs were completely clear and she rejoiced with us in the tent. God is so good!

Then we sat down to a great lunch of lintels and beans. The next day they served a killer chicken soup with rice. Ummm… so good.

After lunch it was back to teaching. After hours of sharing no one wanted to leave. It was amazing how well these people responded. We felt a kindred spirit with Andrew Strom and his recent newsletter.

Sometimes we just taught the men…

And sometimes Cynthia and Beatrice just taught the women.

Teaching after teaching everyone grew more and more excited. One dear saint asked me after the teaching … “Is this really what the bible teaches? My God… this is so wonderful.”

Part 2 of the ASA Kintali conference will come in a couple of days…