Oh, the joy!

Rhonda Market Ministry
July 14, 2020
From Macharia to Kioni
July 30, 2020

Oh, the joy … of seeing our brothers and sisters discover the greatness of their God!

Last week we traveled to Eldoret, Kamagut visiting our beloved family in Kamagut, for the purpose of strengthening and encouraging them in living out the Life of Christ.

How can we describe the unbelievable joy of seeing loved ones growing and prospering in the grace of our King? Nothing can stop the grace of our God. Not the COVID pandemic, not the distance between us, not government restrictions, … nothing can hinder or even slow down the spiritual empowerment His grace provides.

The first pictures are of our beloved Beatrice receiving an ‘Instapot’ electric pressure cooker for her and the church family. We didn’t know she had been asking God for a pressure cooker. Answered prayer. This will help them feed the orphans and widows that frequently show up at their house, and to prepare corporate meals when they gather. She was elated. We also brought a charcoal oven for three of their widows to begin, together, a small baking business.

Six months ago, we gathered around a despondent sister who came asking for prayer concerning her desperate spiritual condition. She had joined the church two months prior, and as we cried out to our King there was an immediate response. Collapsing in our arms she began to praise the Lord.

The dear sister who had struggled for over 12 years with demonic oppression, proclaimed she was completely delivered. From the day we prayed she has been completely free. For those 12 years, she had never slept through the night and had demonic manifestations in her house the entire time. This is hard for the western mind to grasp but here in Kenya, it is a common occurrence. To see her beaming and proclaiming it was completely gone … was pure joy. She is on fire for Christ and wants to begin a church in her home. She said her neighbors were amazed.

Richard, Njoroge, and I taught and trained for two days and were delighted to see the church family respond to the challenge of pressing forward and advancing the Kingdom.

The last two pictures are of Bethwell, his wife Rahab, and their new baby. They too, want to begin a home fellowship in their area and were rejoicing that CV-19 was not even slowing us down.

Blessed be the One who said … that by HIs grace we are more than conquerors. (Rom 8:37) All praise and honor belong to Him. Please keep praying for us as the battle continues.

Blessings … StoneHouse.