Obtaining Joy

Tiffany’s Dedication
April 16, 2022
Mark Moore
May 7, 2022

There are few things in this life that can bring as much joy as helping the poor. Feeding the hungry, clothing the impoverished or helping a hopeless child with his education. Sometimes we wonder … why are so little of those things practiced? On heaven’s side the benefits are amazing.

Our heavenly Father loves the poor and charges His children to do the same. Should they pursue these things His promises are abundant. Provision, protection, guidance, answered prayer just to name a few.

Our churches are learning this as well. On their own they gathered bales of clothes to help our members in Kibera slums in Nairobi. The joy on the faces of children and adults alike was incredible. They were so happy, not only for the clothes, but that their brothers and sisters initiated this act of love.

Last week our churches had a celebration for the children returning to school to start the new school year. A good meal with cakes, some new uniforms and school supplies were given out amidst prayer and encouragement.

Getting an education when living in the slums means the possibility of getting out of the slums, out of the dangerous environments, out of the abusive situations and increases the possibility that you will make it to adulthood. This is not an exaggeration at all.

“Crime and violence are reported to be ‘normal’ occurrences in slum communities in Kenya and children and youth are exposed and vulnerable to these acts. According to some studies, youths are both victims and perpetrators of crime. Access to proper housing and education also poses a challenge to children and youth living in slum communities. With small rooms of 12 x 12 ft, congestion forces youth to leave their families to live on the streets with groups of other youth and children. In these groups taking drugs and alcohol is commonplace, which, in turn, leads them into criminal activities, as well as early exposure to and engagement in sexual activity. At the early age of 14 half of the school girls have already had sexual intercourse.” Google Information.

Our churches ministering in the slums of Nakuru and Nairobi are doing all they can and know first hand the problems concerning children. We need assistance helping them. Please consider sponsoring some of these endangered little ones and youth. You can sponsor a student at https://stonehouseministries.org/donate.

Blessings from the StoneHouse