Njoro Baking Ladies

A Gift From Our Father
October 31, 2020
November 16, 2020

Our Father has blessed the small churches in Njoro with a wood-burning oven. As a result, the mamas and grandmamas have joined together to start a small baking business. This will help provide income for the food to feed their families.

Njoro disciples are spiritually growing and have established four home churches. The people living there are mostly subsistence farmers with very small plots resulting in a mostly ‘hand-to-mouth’ income.

Working together has proved to be one of the best ‘fellowship developers’ ever. Seeing each other daily can promote knowing one another, speaking the truth in love to each other, and a mutual way to share the load of earning a living.

This project was largely funded through ‘Heaven’s Family Widows and Abandoned Women Ministry‘ and the efforts of our dear Dossie Briggs. Bless all of you for helping ‘the least of these’ here in Kenya. If you like this post … please share it.