Ngoswani Expansion

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November 3, 2017
A Christmas Card From The StoneHouse Family
December 3, 2017

Ngoswani Expansion

We had a good,’Thanksgiving Day’, resting and reflecting on the blessings our Father had given us in Ngoswani, Masai Mara, last weekend. How can one describe the joy of seeing the miraculous work of the Lord?

Watching people removed from the Kingdom of Darkness and entering the Kingdom of Light, marriages restored, families healed of division and brought together again.

Of hatred dissipating, love blossoming, bitterness fading and forgiveness flourishing.

What we witnessed, was the Kingdom of God growing among the Masai. Their hunger to grow spiritually, was refreshing. We taught for three days and shared their joy, as they learned about the new Kingdom they were entering. They are truly becoming His disciples.

Our purpose in coming was to oversee 10 people being baptized.

What made the baptisms even more wonderful, was who was doing their baptisms. Six or so months ago, in StoneHouse Church Ngoswani, we baptized ten people. One of which was a Masai man, by the name of Makoi.

This man, shortly after his baptism endured pressure and ridicule from the community he lives in for his faith. Yet, he withstood the pressure and has grown in the ways of the Lord. God is moving in his personal family and he is becoming an example to his church family.

Deb Daren (the church’s missionary founder) said, it was an absolute miracle, that he was standing in the tank, baptizing his fellow disciples. For Deb, this was the culmination of  prayers and years of demonstrating the love of Christ to Makoi. It was her joy to see the  testimony of the previous people who were baptized as disciples, bringing their friends and family members into the flock.

Mothers watched, as their children followed them in the faith, husbands watched wives, and friends watched their friends, enter the Kingdom of the beloved Son.

After the baptisms, we entered our gathering place, where the spirit of praise and worship broke out over everyone present.

The Spirit of God enabled us to let go and celebrate our brothers and sister’s new Life. Men, women and children sang and danced together for over an hour. It was a lively and holy time together.

The year will come to a conclusion with our annual ‘Youth Camp’ and ‘Ingathering’ celebration. Please cover these events with prayer as we close out the year. As we near the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018, we also want to sincerely thank everyone who has helped make these things possible.

Cynthia and I, are requesting your prayers to stand firm in the calling we have been given here in Kenya. We both are very tired and this particular time of year, is particularly difficult being away from our family and friends back in the States. We feel their absence acutely and we love them so much. Pray for us… pray for our family and friends in the States and pray for our Kenyan family here in Africa.

Blessings from Kenya…