A New Well
September 22, 2019
2019… so far.
October 11, 2019

Our Kamwaura church family has had a baby. Well, at least, they have begun a new fellowship! How sweet they are. Sunday, we met together with the Kamwahura church family and a new group of people that live 3 miles away. These precious people from Nduthu, have been walking 3 miles back and forth to attend the Kamwaura church gathering. Wow! How many of us would walk 6 miles to seek Christian fellowship?

We so enjoyed our time with this new church family. They desire to be taught in the ways of Christian discipleship, and we so desire to help them. Oh… I packed 13 kids in our trunk, so they wouldn’t have to walk the 3 miles.

As soon as we return from our American trip, we want to begin training these hungry people in the ways of their King. Pray for us. Pray that our Father would send us workers… we soooo… need the help. May we be as busy as our enemy is, in buying up opportunities for the Kingdom of God, as he is in buying up opportunities to turn humankind against their creator.

Much love … the StoneHouse Family of Disciple