Kibera and Namanga
June 11, 2021
A Pearl of Great Value
September 8, 2021

After we left our beloved family in Kibera, we traveled to Namanga, the home of our 2 church families living there. Namanga is predominantly Masai. We met with Moses our overseer for the churches and one Matatu (taxi drivers fellowship). Moses ministers to these men and women almost every day.

We stopped in Maila Tisa (a small strip town on the main highway). Maila Tisa means 9 miles. (meaning 9 miles to Namanga). We stopped to have lunch at a small eating place that served roasted goat meat. The food was great but the flies were formidable. After lunch we traveled 6 more miles out in the bush to an Airbnb where we would spend the next 3 days at the foot of a mountain. It was amazing to find this place and it was very, very beautiful.

The next morning we visited the Namanga church and taught for about two hours. They are a sweet group of people and growing spiritually. We were very pleased with their progress. After eating lunch with Moses and his family we headed out deep into the bush to visit our church under the tree.

There we met a wonderful Spirit-filled sister named Pricilla. Cynthia and she immediately fell in love with each other. Pricilla lives in a boma (circle of huts) in the middle of nowhere. Yet, she earnestly prayed to gather people to disciple and is presently ministering to about 4 adults and 15 children. Please pray for Pricilla and this fledgling church.

The last day in Namanga was spent ministering to the taxi drivers and older ladies selling jewelry to the taxi customers. After hearing Cynthia share her heart, the jewelry-selling ladies gave her some necklaces and asked her to please return soon. Later, we crossed over to Tanzania for lunch and a little fabric shopping. Then we headed back to Windy Hill. We got lost (trying a suggested shortcut) and spent 8 hours driving home, but after the long hot ride on terrible roads, we finally made it back into the loving arms of our family there. Bless the Lord for His loving protection and care.

Pray for us. StoneHouse